Renovated Attic Improves Home Comfort

The homes of the San Francisco Bay Area come in a huge variety of ages and sizes. A lot of homes in the Oakland and Berkeley hills, for instance, were built over fifty years ago. Homes in the South Bay are a few years younger, on average. A lot of these older homes have attics, unlike newer homes, and most of those attics have been neglected for years. Out of site, out of mind!

Time to Renovate Your Attic With New Insulation and Pest Protection

But the condition of your attic has a huge impact on the overall health of your home! Is the insulation still working? Are there pests living up there? Is the space cluttered with old belongings that could best be recycled or tossed?
More critically, mold, bacteria, rodent feces and other contaminants may be compromising indoor air quality and the effectiveness of your insulation.
The time has come to revitalize your attic with cleaning and decontamination and new, more efficient insulation!
Don’t keep living with cold drafty rooms and unpleasant odors. Get started with a free quote today for your attic cleaning and insulation needs.
Our goal is your satisfaction and safety. We do quality work that will fit into your schedule. We are guaranteed to show up on-time, every time and work quickly and efficiently to finish in a timely manner. Get in touch with us today and make an appointment at your convenience!
What you get working with Element Home Solutions for attic cleaning:

  • A clean and dust free attic
  • Removal of strong and foul odors caused by dead rats and their droppings
  • Expert service from trained technicians
  • Tips to maintain your attic
  • Attic Insulation removal and replacement with new insulation
  • Radiant Barrier installation, where appropriate

Why Choose Element Home Solutions for Attic Cleaning and Insulation Installation?

Contact us today to schedule an attic inspection. And we can assess crawl space conditions, too, if you have one.