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The attic is one of the last places in a home that people tend to clean up or maintain. The only time the attic gets any attention is when there is a foul smell that just has to be dealt with in order to go away. However, ignoring your attic is not the smartest thing to do. Apart from raising the utility bills, leaving the attic unattended for long periods of time can leave you with a large bill for repairs which could have been avoided through regular maintenance.

Why you should always make sure your attic is clean and well-insulated

Attic cleaning

When it comes to proper attic cleaning, the practical approach is to have the area inspected thoroughly every once in a while. This lets you know if there are any infestations to worry about, air leaks or any other issues that can be handled through a routine check. Here are some of the reasons routine cleaning of the attic is very important;

Dirt and dust are bad news

Anything stored in the attic is bound to collect dust if it remains untouched for a long time. When dust and dirt collects in the attic, it affects the quality of air circulating in the house. Attic cleaning is important to ensure that air transfer remains clean throughout the living space. Poor air quality can go as far as to cause respiratory issues for the people living in the house.

Avoid a rodent infestation

When your attic has not been attended to for months on end, it is likely that a family of rodents end up finding a home in your attic. This poses a health risk and also damages items stored in the attic. When there is a rodent infestation, attic cleaning will get rid of droppings, dead rodents, urine traces and clean up the mess left behind by the animals. This protects your home from diseases which come with such an infestation.

Holes, cracks, and bad insulation will raise your power bill

Your attic is subject to wear and tear and the wood exposure accelerates this process more than you can imagine. For this reason, it is important that you have regular cleaning = to make sure your attic insulation is in tiptop shape. A small hole that might not even be big enough to let any animals in will raise the power bill because it interferes with the HVAC system, causing it to work extra hard to provide the quality of air you need. Proper cleaning will help you know what areas are leaking air.


Holes and cracks can allow water and moisture into the attic. This creates the perfect environment for wood rot and mold to thrive. Mold spores can travel to the lower parts of the home and cause respiratory issues and bad odors.

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