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The attic area is one of your home’s most critical, and in most cases, its cleanliness, structure, and insulation is a critical measurement standard and decision variable used among home inspectors. If you are selling, expect potential buyers to request accessibility into this area. Regardless of whether it’s new or extensively used, an attic area can provide adequate insight on the issues facing a home. Despite the fact that most potential buyers take for granted a well-kept attic area, it would be unwise for them to assume that this is always the case.

The importance of inspecting and insulating attics to home sellers

To allow potential buyers’ access into your attic area, set up a ladder beneath the attic panel for climbing. Also consider placing down tarp or painters plastic, for safety reasons. This will ensure that the floor experiences no dirtiness or damage. Furthermore, request that your inspectors wear gloves to not leave behind any fingerprints on the access panel.

Potential buyers will ask you to remove any items that might be impeding to their attic inspection efforts, i.e. shelving that denies attic access. If your access panel is sealed, it will need to be popped open. For panels that do not easily pop open, a razor can be used to cut the seal. This is usually necessary if it’s caulked.

In today’s real estate market, very few potential buyers accept purchasing a home that’s attic has not been inspected. Thus, if you have any reservations, your agent should be made aware of them in advance. Also, should you be unable to complete any of the methods as mentioned above, it is best that you find another solution to your attic problems quickly. Acting promptly will ensure that prospective buyers are in the loop regarding any sort of limitations in this regard. As a result, last-minute phone calls will be prevented.

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