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Having the proper amount of insulation in your attic is essential for indoor comfort. A well-insulated attic helps to release heat in the summer to keep you cool and cold air in the winter to keep you warm. This can only happen if the air seal between the ventilated space of your attic and the conditioned space of the rest of your home is tight enough to prevent air loss. Below are some of the problems you might experience if this seal is not tight or you have a hole somewhere in the attic. In either situation, arranging for attic insulation removal and then having new insulation applied is your best solution.

Problems With Heating in the Winter

You may remember learning in grade school science class that hot air rises. As it does so, it transforms from hot to cold. That means you could have cold air in your home instead of warm air when you need it due to lack of proper insulation in your attic. Another problem with warm air is that it naturally attracts moisture. Over time, this will cause condensation and damage to the roof of your home. Bay Area attic cleaners will then need to inspect for damage.

One problem that homeowners run into when they install their own insulation in the attic is that they don’t account for hidden heat transfer conduits and airways. The most likely locations of these problem areas include:

  • Air ducts
  • Chimneys
  • Dropped ceilings
  • Exhaust fans
  • Plumbing and electrical chases
  • Recessed lights
  • Walls butting up against cathedral ceilings

Element Home Solutions will determine the right amount of insulation for all areas of the attic and ensure that we properly ventilate it as well. We can also assist with regular attic cleaning to help protect your home’s longevity.

Problems with Cooling in the Summer

Summer days can get hot enough in the Bay Area, but the temperature inside of your attic can become downright dangerous at nearly 150 degrees due to improper insulation. Unfortunately, the unwanted heat doesn’t just remain in your attic. It transfers to ceilings and walls, making you feel uncomfortable even when running the air conditioner. When you arrange for attic insulation removal Bay area with our company, we take out the ineffective insulation and determine the correct amount and rating for new insulation. We also ensure that your attic has proper ventilation for the warm weather seasons.

Save Money On Your Electric Bill By Hiring Bay Area Attic Cleaners Today

When you take great care of your heating and cooling system yet still have comfort issues, your attic insulation is the most likely problem. Contact Element Home Solutions HERE to learn more or to request an appointment for attic insulation removal. Call (888) 980-4822 to book an appointment today!