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Why install a radiant barrier in your attic?

You have probably heard conflicting stories about radiant barriers and by now you don’t know what’s fact or fictional. Perhaps an intricate understanding of how the radiant barrier works will help smooth that out. Unlike conventional insulating material, the radiant barrier works by reducing heat gain from the sun’s radiation. In regions with very high summer heat gains, a radiant barrier can be used to reduce these gains during summer and prevent heat loss during the winter. Just think about it as wrapping your barbecue in an aluminum foil to keep it warmer for longer. Essentially, they reduce heat transfers across air spaces.

Perks that come with radiant barrier insulation

How do you know if the existing insulation is working? You will need to check the attic floor and if you notice the insulation comes to the top of the joists, then you definitely need to upgrade your insulation. Radiant barrier insulations often consist of aluminum which is highly reflective to reduce excessive heat absorption by the roof. The aluminum cover also minimizes dust and debris accumulation that might reduce the effectiveness of the barrier. They are combined with several insulation materials which make them effective thermal insulators. This, in turn, means that they save you from the cost of cooling or heating in extreme weather conditions. They are also easy to incorporate into both existing and new buildings.

Radiant Barrier Installation

Although there are several DIY kits in the market today, it is important to note that effectiveness of radiant barriers is solely dependent on proper installation. The barriers are most effective when installed perpendicular to the striking radiant energy. Additionally, the larger the temperature difference between either side of the barrier, the more effective it is likely to be. There are also several types of radiant barriers with various emissivity potential and also come at varying costs depending on their application. A good attic floor barrier, for instance, should allow water vapor to pass. This is especially important during winter as water vapor from the living area might condense on the lower side of the barrier.

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