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Is your attic properly insulated? If not, you could be wasting a significant amount of energy and money. Because warm air rises, the attic is a key spot for home insulation. You’ll get the most value from insulating this part of your Bay Area home with the help of a Bay Area attic insulation company.

Attic Cleaning Company Shares – How Insulating Your Attic Affects Your Home’s Comfort

A poorly insulated attic can make your home hotter (and harder to cool) in summer. In winter, heated air rising from the living area inside can easily escape to the outdoors, again making your HVAC system work harder and using extra energy. Here in the Bay Area, we live in climate zone 3, insulation with an R- value (thermal resistance rating) between 30 and 60 is ideal. With proper attic and crawl space insulation, correctly installed, your home will not only be more energy efficient all year round–it will be more comfortable as well.

What’s the Best Insulation for Your Bay Area Attic?

Your attic insulation options boil down to three main types:

  • Fiberglass (loose-fill or batts): Fiberglass batts are easy to handle and install, but may not stand the test of time. The long, flat insulation batts can easily fall out of place as the years pass, or bunch up into one area, leaving other spots uncovered–although expert installation can eliminate this issue. Loose, blown-in fiberglass has a lower R-value than foam. However, it’s also cheaper to purchase and install than foam.
  • Cellulose: Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper pulp, ground up and combined with boric acid, to discourage insects and resist fire. It also contains chemicals to resist mold. Attic insulation professionals use a wet-spray method when installing cellulose, to control its dust. This material has an R-value of about 3.5 per inch, and can work great in our Bay Area climate.
  • Spray foam: Spray foam insulation is extremely effective at filling all the small and irregular, hard-to-reach spots in your attic. This material creates an ideal air barrier, almost completely airtight (with little-to-no heat transfer) and won’t attract mold, when properly and professionally installed. This insulation is costlier to purchase, and requires skill to install, which makes the upfront cost of spray foam insulation higher than other types. However, it’s typically a money-saver long term, due to lower monthly energy costs for the homeowner.

Where to Find Attic Cleaning and Attic Insulation Experts in the Bay Area

At Element Home Solutions, installing attic insulation is one of our specialties. Our experienced staff can help you select the best kind of insulation for your home and family needs. Our well-trained technicians perform meticulous installation to replace your attic insulation. Our Bay Area attic cleaning service and insulation installation uses state-of-the-art equipment, following the latest industry best practices. Contact Element Home Solutions or call (888) 980-4822 for Bay Area attic insulation services today.