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Each spring, homeowners are awarded the opportunity to do some de-cluttering and vigorous house cleaning. However, despite the benefits of undertaking such initiatives, the decision to choose which items should stay or go does not come easily to everyone.

How attic cleaning can be the perfect opportunity to de-clutter your attic

Before you downsize your items, start by writing down some ideas on how and where to pack some of your unneeded items, ways how you could get rid of them, and some of the uses you could create for your newly acquired space.

Attic items

When cleaning out your attic, it is important that you consider what items you actually need, use or hold some kind of function. Once you do this, you can make an inventory list of what to keep and what not to.

For instance, most homeowners usually find that they have a lot of written material up in their attic area such as old newspapers, magazines, financial documents, comics, and maybe letters from their high school sweethearts. In most scenarios, you can do away with old newspapers and magazines, keeping only those that hold some sentimental value to you. The key is to proper arrangement so that space isn’t being occupied unnecessarily.

Other types of items that homeowners usually have to deal with when cleaning out their attic are personal items, clothing, cosmetics, or other things that have piled up over the years after house repairs and replacements. Again, you will have to do away with the things you use and get rid of those you don’t.

Attic space

Cleaning and de-cluttering your attic means more space for you that can be used as a more efficient storage area. However, if you do find any items worth keeping, it is essential that you pack them in a compact manner so that they don’t occupy too much space. It would be counter-effective for you to clean and de-clutter your attic, only to simply disarrange it all over again by throwing things right, left and center.

Why attic cleaning and de-cluttering are important

Cleaning and de-cluttering you home will not only create more space for you, but will also lead to a healthier indoor environment due to lack of mold, rodents, and insects that tend to thrive in stuffy and poorly ventilated attics.

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