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Rats can be destructive to living spaces, transmitting numerous diseases to humans. You will rarely see rats in your home since they like to hide in dark spaces such as the attic and crawl spaces. In the event that you do see rats in your home, this might be an indication that you have a full-blown rat infestation.

Having rats in your home can be dangerous to both your family and your property. As mentioned earlier, they carry various diseases and allergies that might be passed through your home’s open surfaces. These rodents also take a toll on your home as they eat just about anything including attic insulations, crawl space insulations,  wallboards, and wood.

Every homeowner needs rodent proofing to prevent any kind of infestation by these pests. To effectively rid any existing rats, you need attic cleaning or crawlspace cleaning from a reputable company that will ensure the rodents completely gone, regardless of where they have made their home.


Here are a few remedies for encapsulating an attic or a crawl space:


Set traps
One solution would be to put up traps in your attic or crawl space, trapping any rats that might be there. This is easy and cheap, and guarantees such rats eliminated. However, if you are unsure about how to set them, you can call a professional to do it for you, especially if you can’t get into the crawl space.


Change crawl space flooring
The best flooring for a crawlspace would be concrete or polythene lined with sealed edges that are covered by a concrete slab. Due to accumulated moisture in this space over different seasons, (especially in the summer) having a concrete slab discourages the moisture from setting. You could also elevate the crawl space to be higher than the surrounding exterior to discourage any water from flowing in. You can also set up a drainage system to remove the water when the rains are too heavy.


Insulate the crawl space
During humid weather conditions, much condensation occurs, creating favorable breeding conditions. Your home needs a sealed and conditioned crawl space preferably with rim joists featuring rigid foam that absorb moisture.

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