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Your attic can serve as a very useful storage area if utilized properly. As opposed to tossing all of your unused items and furniture into the guest room, you can put them away in your attic where there won’t be a hindrance to anyone. For most homeowners, this is not usually the case. They often allow their attic to accumulate a lot of clutter, debris, and dust, making the area useless. Fortunately, such a situation can be turned around with some minimal work.

Attic Cleaning Tips

Clear out debris and damaged insulation

There is no way you can expect to maintain a clean and functional attic if it is filled with all sorts of debris. You can start by going through it and taking out any trash, wet cardboard boxes, damaged insulation, or pine straw.

Merge Boxes

In case there are any boxes stored in your attic, you can consolidate them into a more organized pile. You can start by taking out the contents of two boxes and then merge into one to save space. Another option would be to rearrange them in a more organized fashion. For some, the process of going through numerous boxes might seem as a monotonous task, but in reality, it can help you to save a considerable amount of space.


Can you remember the last time you dusted your attic? If not, then it’s probably time you do. Getting rid of dust cobwebs in this part of your house will not only make your attic look clean, but it will also help to discourage spiders and other critters from living there.

Look for signs of moisture

While cleaning your attic, you should check for any signs of dampness or free-standing water. This is because allowing your attic to suffer from excessive moisture, be it from a leaking roof or high humidity, can eventually lead to the damage of items stored in this part of your house or worse mold and mildew. As a result, one of your main priorities when cleaning your attic should always be to eliminate sources of water to create a safe and clean space.


When cleaning your attic area, it is essential, if you find signs of moisture, mold or mildew, deceased rodents and rodent droppings. Call a professional from Element Home Solutions.

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