fall maintenance tips

Your 5-item fall home maintenance check-list

Fall is probably nature’s grace period to prepare for winter, so it is only wise that you get your home ready for a frosty day. You need your home to be a place you look forward to at the end of a cold day, and it needs to offer you just the comfort and warmth you crave.

Here are five things you will need to cross out on your checklist this fall if you want to have a stress-free winter:

Heating system

This will, of course, be your number one source of comfort when the temperature begins falling. Whatever type of heating system you have, make sure it gets running at the click of a button. If your system works on an old- model thermostat, then this fall is probably the time to make the switch to a smart thermostat which will not only save you time but also give a boost to the entire system.

Clean out any accumulated dirt, soot or ash and seal any air leaks to ensure smooth running all around the system.

Seal air and moisture leaks

Ensure moisture has no sneak-in points. Take the time to get around the house to manually inspect for any cracks or loose joints on shutters that may let in air. Get on the roof and look out for any sections that may be leaking or appear like they will easily give in and have them repaired.

Clean out drainage and passage areas

Falling leaves during this season will most likely be clogging your drainage areas as winter approaches. Get up and clean out your gutters and drainage pipes so that heavy rain can flow away without distractions.

Scrap off any solids that may have accumulated in your chimney to ensure you get a clean and properly running fire from your fireplace.

Stop the Rodents

As your trying to get ready for the winter so are the little creatures. They are seeking refuge from the dropping temperatures. This means they are trying to come inside your home more now than any time of the year. This is the best time to rodent proof your home.


Chase out on the mold

If you have mold accumulating indoors , you will be having unwelcome company all winter- and a disease perhaps. Get it out and into the cold during the fall.

Most winter preparation stuff is DIY, but sometimes, professional help is necessary.

For attic insulation, crawl space insulation,  HVAC maintenance, air duct cleaning, rodent proofing and repairs, Element Home Solutions is at hand to do the dirty work for you- just so you have a comfortable winter!


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