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Some homeowners are not aware of the easy steps they can take to help eliminate hazards within their home. The truth is that it could be as simple as inspecting and cleaning your home to help prevent an illness or accident. Also, a professional company can help you identify a few areas in your house where possible hazard issues could arise that require remedy to make your place safer and healthier.

How to clean to eliminate health hazards in your home

Check for leaks

One way to eliminate potential health hazards in your home is to check for leaks in different areas. You can start with your attic, before looking around the windows and doors, drainage hoses, water heater, dishwasher drainage hoses, and under the tub, sink, and showers. A leak in any one of these places can lead to major interior issues such as the appearance of rot and mold. Also, for serious leaks, you should consult a professional in order to get the right kind of assistance.

Assess areas where you store hazardous materials and cleaners

In order to make your home a safer and healthier place, you should take some time to go room by room and assess the presence of any potential chemicals, poisons, fuels, medications, or paints currently being stored there. Should you confirm the presence of any of these items, immediate action must be taken to ensure that they are kept away from small kids or pets. Also, store them in a place where they cannot contaminate food and lead to illness or death.

Perform attic cleaning, crawl space cleaning, and air duct cleaning

You can make your home safer and healthier by having professionals inspect for any signs of rodents, insects, pests, mildew or mold. Also, turn off the lights to ascertain if there are any gaps that different kinds of critters could use to access your attic space.

Furthermore, ensure that your attic vents and duct connections are not clogged up by any sort of debris or dirt. This could lead to poor performance.

You will also want to inspect your basement and crawl spaces. In case you find wet areas or moisture, you should consider adding some barrier protectors to help keep such areas dry. This is essential to prevent mildew, mold, and other possible hazards.

Attic/crawl space/air duct cleaning, decontamination and rodent proofing in the SF Bay Area

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