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Wondering if Concord Attic Cleaning is Worth It?

If you’ve never had your attic decontaminated before, you’re probably completely unaware of what’s lurking up there, and whether any damage has been done in your attic. The truth is, many homeowners have been quite surprised to find how their attic insulation has been degraded, and how wiring has been chewed through by animals living in the attic. It’s very common to have critters such as squirrels, rats, and even raccoons infesting your attic, and causing all kinds of damage. If you’re not sure of what might be going on in the room above your head, it’s a good idea to call Element Home Solutions, your Concord attic cleaning company, and get it checked out.

The decontamination process

The first step in the decontamination process is to rid your attic of any unwanted varmints. Whether you do it yourself or hire a company to help, it’s the first step. Along with any live critters, all nests, feces, and possible dead animals will be removed, and the entire area will be sanitized. Element Home Solutions can help with this step and the ones after. Then a thorough examination of the entire attic area will be conducted, looking for points of entry where critters might invade the attic area.

After all this cleanup has been thoroughly conducted, the attic will be made rodent-proof, and it will be prepared for the installation of new insulation. Especially if significant damage has been done to existing insulation, it’s always advisable to install entirely new insulation, so as to provide full protection for your household. One of the best ways to lower your heating and cooling bills is to ensure that you have adequate insulation in the attic, so conditioned air doesn’t simply exit through the roof.

Beyond decontamination

If you’d like to go one step beyond simple decontamination, you can make your attic even more ready for the summertime heat. By installing a radiant heat barrier, you can have much of the sun’s heat reflected away from the living space below. Ordinarily, the sun will beat down on your roof and that heat will be transferred to the air inside your attic, which will in turn heat up your insulation.

A radiant heat barrier reflects the majority of that heat back into space, so that it can’t warm up your insulation and be transferred to the living area. This will make it much easier for your air conditioning system to keep your house cool, and you’ll probably notice a savings on your energy bill each month as well.

Are You Interested in Concord Attic Cleaning?

If your home is in need of Concord attic cleaning, or if you would like some extra insulation to keep that conditioned air inside, call Element Home Solutions to ask for a free quote. If you have any questions you need answered, our friendly Concord attic cleaning service representatives will be glad to handle any and all inquiries. Contact us today, so your attic will be fully prepared for the warm season.