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Insulation affects commercial buildings as much as residential buildings

The value of home insulation is pretty much a no-brainer: at its most basic, insulation helps keep cold air from coming in to the home and warm air from going out. It can help reduce energy costs, and in an attic, insulation can also have bonus abilities to muffle noise and create less room for pests. Interestingly, commercial buildings can also see the same benefits from insulation, especially in unused or less used spaces like attics. Read these benefits to decide whether you want Oakland insulation contractors to help you reap the rewards of an insulation inspection.

Building owners can choose from a wide range of insulation types, and the amount may be required to comply with building codes for their particular state, city, municipality or region. But Oakland attic insulation contractors will likely have this knowledge and can provide you with an estimate and general recommendations for what types and amounts work best for your available space.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, proper insulation reduces your costs for heating and cooling your commercial building but also improves comfort. Hiring an Oakland attic insulation company to add more than the recommend amount of insulation can even produce even more benefits such as greater heat resistance and even more impressive savings on energy costs.

Other advantages to adding insulation in attics include:

More sustainability

Part of the approach to ‘going green’ in modern building theory includes using less hazardous materials and reducing the production of carbon dioxide. Saving on energy can reduce C02 usage. There are also some types of insulation which use more natural products and are less hazardous if inhaled.

More profits

Because heating and cooling costs are such a big part of a commercial building’s consumption, efforts to lower these amounts can lead to more revenue. This could be appealing to an owner, and perhaps even turn into lower costs for tenants.

Fewer pests

An attic without adequate insulation provides more room for mice and other rodents to take roost. An unchecked colony of mice can be destructive to a building, from chewing wiring to smell from waste to constant noise to increased disease risk. More insulation means less space.

More attractive to prospective or current renters

While the look of your building is always the first appealing thing that prospective tenants can see, they might appreciate hearing that extra attention has been put into everyone’s energy efficiency. This could mean that their customers or employees may not be as hot or cold throughout the year, they also could like that the building owner makes a point to focus on proper Oakland attic insulation installation it make them glad that costs are potentially lower as well.

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