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Is Your Home as Energy Efficient as Possible?

Purchasing or constructing a new home is undoubtedly an exciting prospect, but it may come with a whole host of complications as well. Arguably, one of the most important features to consider when buying a new home is whether it is energy-efficient or not. There are many decisions to be made such as the cooling and heating system you choose, design and choosing other critical appliances such as energy-efficient dryers, washing machines, looking at the quality of insulation and perhaps hot water systems. It is imperative to note that these features may not only reduce your energy costs, but enhance your overall level of comfort significantly.Contacting a Bay Area attic insulation company for an inspection can help you decide whether your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Experts agree that insulation is the most cost-efficient and practical way to make a structure more energy efficient. This is because proper insulation helps your house to remain cooler in the summer and warmer during cold days thus saving up to seventy-five percent in cooling and heating losses. What’s more, insulation can potentially reduce condensation in your home and this can result in lots health benefits by reducing dampness as well as the growth of mold.

Typically, insulation acts as a barrier between your home outdoor and indoor. During the hot season, it keeps all the heat out, and during the cold season, it prevents the unwanted heat loss from occurring. By ensuring that your home is properly insulated, you increase your chances of being comfortable all year round.

What are common signs of poor insulation?

•  Presence of mold in your basement and walls.
•  High cooling and heating costs.
•  Cold floors.
•  Uneven heating levels in your house.
•  Your heating and cooling units not working effectively.

If you experience any of the above problems, probably it’s time to call in attic insulation professional.

Bearing in mind that more than half of the energy we use to either heat or cool your home can potentially leak out without insulation, it is imperative for homeowners to understand how insulation impacts energy efficiency. In both commercial and residential structures, energy insulation through proper insulation is the most cost-efficient and easiest way to reduce both the emission of greenhouse gas and energy consumption. Research has shown that by reducing energy consumption, insulation significantly reduces the level of pollution in an infrastructure, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide gas by up to 780 million tons globally annually. If you didn’t know, this is equal to the yearly electricity use of more than ninety million homes!

This implies that homeowners should make it a priority to ensure that their homes are properly insulated. Always inspect the attic, crawl spaces as well as the walls of your house for spaces that are not properly insulated. Even though adding insulation to your house will cost you some cash, homeowners will reap the rewards associated with reduced cooling and heating costs and the initial out of pocket expense will pay itself back in the long run.

Why is energy efficiency a critical factor in building design?

•  It is important to note that the best time to make a house more energy efficient is during the design and construction phase.

•  Energy efficiency reduces the total operating costs of a structure for its entire lifespan thus affordable if you look at the long term. Equally, this increases its value over time, boosting the overall comfort of the occupants.

•  Finally, buildings account for forty percent of the total energy consumption in the United States and at least seventy-one percent of electrical energy.

In recent years, building contractors have switched their attention to designing sustainable structures which can potentially help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To be more precise, designing for sustainability typically means using construction materials which minimize the impact on our surrounding thus helping to preserve the valuable natural resources we have. By focusing on sustainability, we can significantly limit the emission of greenhouse gases bearing in mind that more than 38% greenhouse gas emissions in the United States are caused by buildings.

The potential benefits of insulation are endless. If you are a resident of Bay Area, you can always contact us for an attic insulation inspection or Bay Area attic insulation installation services. We boast of highly experienced attic insulation professionals. We not only enhance the level of insulation in buildings, but make them more sustainable, functional and energy efficient! Investing in sustainable and energy-efficient systems may seem a large financial outlay. However, you have every reason to consider it. Not only does having an energy-efficient and sustainable home lower your monthly energy bills and carbon footprint, but will increase the home’s value as well.

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