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Are You Interested in Bay Area Rodent Proofing?

Getting rid of mice can be compared to trying to fix a leaky ship. Certainly you can put maximum effort into bailing out the water, but if you don’t find and patch the holes, you’ll be right back where you started in no time.

The same is true with mice – you can fight them on your own or bring an exterminator in to wipe out any rodents. But if you don’t take precautions to keep more of them from coming in, this cost and effort that will be continual. Your home or your health may be at risk now to not just new critters taking up residence but the lingering presence of various poisons.

After getting rid of the culprits, to make sure rodents stay out, it makes sense to look into Bay Area rodent proofing options. Trained professionals can look at your house from the point of view of determined, hungry rodents, including all the ways they can get in and places they can hide and take up residence.

People are sometimes surprised by how easy mice can get in. They can sometimes get through holes as small as a dime. They are adept at chewing walls to make even tinier holes a little wider.

Though you will eventually see, smell or hear them once they start moving around and their numbers grow, it may be difficult to detect the first few. Bringing in an Oakland rodent proofing company along with trying some DIY methods can be a smart option for preventive and even humane measures. Some of these efforts can include:

  • Looking beyond ground level. Did you know that mice and rats can come from above into the attic if there are trees adjacent to your roof. They can also come from below: a Bay Area crawl space cleaning company can inspect the area underneath your house for easy access points.
  • Natural ingredients. Not everyone knows that there safer alternatives to toxic poisons. For instance, mice don’t like strong smells, so consider creating barriers of peppermint, cloves or habanero peppers. Some homeowners put these scents into cotton balls and put them near possible entrances, while others turn them into a spray solution and douse entrance areas.
  • Plug holes. You or an Oakland rodent proofing company can go on a mission to look for holes along your perimeter, including the garage. There are a variety of options to do this, but one simple one is simply to paste steel wool over holes, since this is difficult to chew through for critters.
  • Get a cat. Yes, it’s a low-tech, old school solution but still a very effective one. Cats are not only become a member of the family, they can detect rodent activity and keep them at bay.

Are You Looking for a Great Oakland Rodent Proofing Company?

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