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Do you think there may have been something living in your attic?

If you hear scratching in your walls or attic, you most likely have a rodent who made its home in yours. Before you can exterminate the rodents, you must identify what type you have. Small pests will hide when they hear you. One of the most effective methods of identification is to look for rodent droppings. Then call a Concord attic cleaning service to help you clean up the mess.

Wear rubber gloves and a dust mask when you go into your attic to look for evidence of rodents. Although it will be tempting to sweep or vacuum any droppings you find, avoid trying to clean up the mess yourself, as rodent droppings do pose a health risk. A Concord attic cleaning company will be able to ensure safety and prevent contamination once the pests have been removed.

Mouse droppings look like small grains of rice but are typically dark brown to black. Rat droppings will be larger in size, usually oblong in shape. The blacker the dropping, the fresher it is. Older droppings will dry out and lighten in color. Squirrel droppings are very similar to rat droppings. They may be a little thicker than rat droppings and may appear dark brown in color.

Cleaning Up Rodent Droppings

Clean up is part of pest control but shouldn’t be started until the pests have been removed. Choose a humane pest control method to get them our of your home. Although pest removal may be different depending on the type of rodent, clean-up is very similar for all types of pests.

If you’re cleaning up rodent nests and droppings yourself, make sure to have safety equipment such as gloves and a dust mask. Open windows in the attic to allow for good airflow.

A commercial disinfectant should be sprayed on the droppings, rather than sweeping or vacuuming them up. You don’t want the particles to be airborne, because you could inhale them. Thoroughly spray the area where you see the rodent droppings. Look for urine stains and spray those, too.

The disinfectant will need time to work. You should leave it on the area for the recommended time. Then, you can use rags to wipe up the mess. If you come across dead rodents, double bag them in plastic bags and seal the bags before you throw them away.

All the contaminated material will have to be removed, such as paper, cardboard and insulation. Glass, metal or plastic containers can be disinfected and washed. All material that needs to be discarded should be placed in trash bags and tightly sealed before being put in the outdoor garbage bin. Make sure to throw away or disinfect gloves before storing them. Change your clothes. Wash your hands.

A Concord attic cleaning service will have the right equipment and tools to safely clean up a rodent infestation.


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