Attic Insulation Removal, Attic Cleaning

Wondering if Your Insulation is Sufficient?

When you are looking for ways to ensure the safety and energy efficiency of your Bay Area home, remember to schedule attic cleaning and insulation replacement. Old and damaged insulation can cost you money, and more importantly, it can threaten the health of your household. Consider the following signs that you probably need to call local attic cleaners sooner rather than later.

Damaged Insulation

One of the top reasons for contacting attic cleaners for attic insulation removal is damaged insulation. How does this important material become compromised? Two common causes are moisture and interference from animals.

The invasion of dampness or water may be evidenced by mildew and mold, as well as the presence of such pests as carpenter ants and termites.

If your insulation has been ravaged by rodents or other vermin, it might look chewed. It could also contain nests and excrement, which could lead to health issues for your household.

Old or Dangerous Insulation

If your home is older and the insulation has not been updated, the health risks for its occupants may be substantial (such as the potential for cancer and asbestosis). In the past, both asbestos and urea-formaldehyde were utilized to create insulation for homes. Such materials must be removed by professional attic cleaners and not by residents.

Vermiculite insulation, which contains asbestos, generally looks like pebbles that are grayish in hue. Urea-formaldehyde may be brittle, and its color could be yellow or gray.

Insufficient Material

Some homes simply do not have enough insulation to make them energy efficient. While this issue may not present the health concerns that other attic insulation problems can, it is still one that can cost you money in higher energy bills. If your home does not seem to hold temperatures steadily, it might not contain the proper amount of insulating material. There could also be gaps in the attic that need to be filled.

Do You Think You Might Need Attic Cleaning?

By scheduling an attic cleaning and inspection, you could spare yourself from high monthly bills that are preventable. You may also avoid health conditions for the people and pets that occupy your home. Element Home Solutions provides expert attic insulation removal, so you can enjoy peace of mind in your home. Contact us today for more information about our Bay Area insulation services.