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Are You Ready for Bay Area Rodent Proofing?

One rodent can do a great deal of damage in just a short time in your attic or crawl space. Mice chew through electrical wiring, spread diseases and inflame allergies. Rats and mice aren’t just annoying, but bad for your health and home. Prevention is the key to Bay Area rodent proofing. Here are some tips to help you keep rodents out of your home.

Check the Entry Points

Rodents will use any hole to enter your home. Mice can crawl through a hole the size of dime or even smaller to take up residence. Inspect the foundation of your home for small gaps and holes. Make sure all your doors and windows close properly without gaps that could let a small animal in your home. Finally, check the roofing system of your home. Look at the spots where leaks and gaps occur. Use metal kick plates or wire mesh to block holes. Pipes are another pathway where rodents can enter your home.

Pay Attention to What’s Around Your Home

Your garden could be an invitation to rodents. Overgrown plants or a pile of logs up against your home is the perfect house for mice. Maintain your garden. Trim trees and bushes that are close to your house. Keep garbage in sealed containers. Don’t feed the birds. The seeds and grains will draw mice, rats and squirrels around your home.

Clean Up

Open food containers inside your home are another invitation to rodents. Pet food left out overnight can draw mice into your house. Clutter in your attic hides nests. Boxes up against the wall in your utility room make another hiding place. Garbage cans inside your home are a buffet for rodents. Sanitary conditions reduce the risk of rodents in your home. It also helps you identify when your home is invaded. An annual Bay Area crawl space cleaning can help identify if any rodents and insects living under your house need to be removed.

Contact Experts

Watch for signs of rodents in your home. Look for black pellets that indicate you have mice. Instead of using poison, which can be toxic to pets and children, set out traps as a diagnostic tool. You’ll be alerted if one or two mice set up house. You want to catch the rodents early to avoid an infestation. You can call an exterminator if you don’t want to get rid of them yourself. Rodent proofing is often done by a separate company.

Would You Like Help Rodent Proofing Your Home?

Need help with making sure that rodents don’t get back in your home? Contact Element Home Solutions, a Bay Area crawl space cleaning company with experience in rodent proofing.