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How to clean and budget for your crawl space.


Cleaning the crawl space is not the most enjoyable task, especially if it has been ages since it was last cleaned. It is very important to have the area cleaned not only to prevent infestations but also to keep diseases at bay. You can get pay someone to do it, but just know that the cost will range depending on the size of the space.

Why is it important to clean the crawl space?


Efficient use of energy

Damaged or poorly maintained insulation in the crawl space can let water, extra heat or cold into the room. Water often leads to further damage through the growth of mold that rots the entire insulation. Problems can also arise when the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter prevent the AC from working efficiently. Properly installed insulation leads to great AC output .

Prevent pest infestation

Crawl space cleaning prevents infestation by pests such as rats and insects. It can also help you detect and get rid of existing critters.

Other reasons for cleaning include:

  • To get rid of unwanted smells
  • To help rearrange and de-clutter the crawl space

When looking for crawl space cleaning professionals in Oakland, it is best to keep in mind that there could be repairs needed as well as other long-term solutions. The cost of the service will depend on the repairs required.

Services to be offered may include:

  • Regular cleaning

This involves decontaminating animal infestation, removing old insulation, stagnant water and anything in the crawl space that affects air quality.

  • Repairing insulation

As stated before, damaged insulation can lead to poor energy use, which in turn leads to high power bills. By repairing and replacing the insulation, you not only save up on money through reduced energy bills but also keep pests away. Seek advice on the best type of insulation for your home.

  • Vapor barriers and sealing

What is the use of getting repairs done only to have the same problem turn up again in future? Vapor barriers prevent the duct work from getting rusty and eventually corroding, and also prevent mold and rot from appearing. Additionally, pests find that they cannot gain access through the ground thus preventing their further complications.

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