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Going down to the dark crawl space below our floor boards or roof is a scary thought for most people. Crawl spaces are scary because there is not much room in that space and they contain disturbing stuff like rodents, cobwebs, and dirt. However, neglecting to inspect and clean this place can be detrimental to the overall quality of your house and your energy bills.

The crawl space is where water pipes, electrical wires, ductwork, beams, vents, and insulation are. These are all components that should be maintained regularly to ensure they are working correctly.

Here are the top reasons why keeping your attic and crawl space clean is very important;

1. Reduce maintenance cost

Neglecting to inspect and clean the crawl space regularly can eventually cost the homeowner thousands of dollars in repair costs. The amount of damage that leaking water, pests, and mold can cause in a house over a period of time is very significant. The HVAC system also overworks once it’s dirty and clogged up and this uses a lot of power.

2. Maintain quality air

No matter how clean the house is, a dirty attic or crawl space will make it smell bad. Things like mold, dead rats, moisture and droppings on the attic smell pretty bad. The air conditioning unit will also accumulate dust under there and blow it right into your clean house. To ensure you house has clean and fresh air, the attic must be clean as well.

3. Get rid of rodents

It’s unfortunate that the crawl space is perfect for rodent infestation. Pests and rodents can chew on your electrical wiring and duct work causing malfunctions or power loss. These awful creatures also sneak into the house at night and leave droppings on our surfaces and foods, causing diseases. It’s important to control pests in your house and the only way to do that is by keeping the attic clean.

4. To nip issues in the bud

The attic is very crucial to the house because there are foundation beams holding the structure down and drains to get rid of water. Moisture and mold can damage beams over time and ruin your foundation. Leaking and clogged drains can also wreak havoc under there. Regular inspections and cleaning the crawl space will ensure any problem is noticed and corrected in time.

Element Home Solutions’ work involves cleaning the crawl space or attic, installing new insulation, as well as removing water, mold, dirt, and rodent droppings in these spaces in the Bay Area. We also seal cracks, air ducts, and rodent entry points.

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