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Bay Area Rodent Proofing Steps


Does it sound like there is a another party in your attic? Do you hear scampering noises at night or during the day when you pay close attention? These are clear signs that there are rodents living in your attic. You may also notice some droppings or urine while cleaning your house. These rodents can nest in and even destroy your insulation, making you incur an extra cost of replacing it. It is therefore essential to take the necessary measures in order to completely get rid of these rodents in your house. The following are some of the steps you can follow for Bay Area rodent proofing.

Close potential entry points.

This should be the first step to be taken. Bay Area attic restoration should involve closing all potential access points from the roof to the foundation. They should be completely sealed such that rodents are not able to enter your home. Due to their flexibility and small size, rats and mice are able to squeeze through small holes. Ensure that you have sealed all the cracks in your attic walls. The cracks or holes should be stuffed with steel wool. You can also take further caution by nailing a metal mesh over the already stuffed hole.

Reduce the amount of fallen leaves and flowers in your compound.

Rodents normally hide outside your house before they eventually find a way to come inside. They could hide under old rocks or fallen tree branches. It is good to keep your compound clear of these things. Always make sure that your compound is free from leaves, fallen branches, or anything that could act as a hiding place for rodents. You should also ensure that your house is free from any tree branches and vines that these pests can use to reach your attic. Compost piles and firewood piles should be kept as far as possible from your house, and regularly checked for the presence of rodents.

Ensure that all things stored in containers are sealed.

Rodents are known to make nests out of everything. Your storage unit should have everything packed in sealed containers. Do not use cardboard boxes for storage since rodents have the ability to penetrate into the boxes and destroy your items. They can as well make these boxes their hiding places. It is also essential to ensure general cleanliness in the house. Keep your floors free from food leftovers that play a critical role in attracting them. One should keep in mind that attic cleaning in the Bay Area should be done on a frequent basis to avoid rodents.

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