how to know you have rodents in the house home

According to health professionals, rats are culpable for the spreading and transmission of various diseases. Their nesting habits can also pose a threat to the structural integrity of the buildings they reside in and their feeding patterns are known for their destructive nature. Unfortunately, these terrible pests like to lurk in the shadows and this secretive nature enables them to go unnoticed when their populations are low. This means that proving or spotting the signs of infestation can be a bit difficult, particularly if you are not trained in such matters.

Signs of rodent infestation and the dangers of diseases

Living or dead rats are some of the most notable signs of a rat infestation. These rodents largely prefer to hide when there is sufficient space. Therefore, if rats are spotted in plain view, it is more than likely that an infestation has already taken place. You should also keep in mind that when rats are deprived of space, they are pushed out into the open.

Rat droppings are another common sign of rat infestation. Such an occurrence usually means that there is healthy, breading, and feeding rat population in the area.

If none of these obvious signs can be found, the next step should be to inspect the nearby areas for rat runs. These are the tracks that are laid in low vegetation or grass fields, and serve as rummaging routes rodents, which is also the case for rats. They tend to follow similar paths after they have established their presence in an area. When it comes to Norway rats, they normally dwell in burrows located underneath roots, in grassy embankments, and on the edges of drain and paving covers. You can also find roof rat nests in attics, lofts, underneath floorboards, crawlspaces and in less-frequently visited and dark areas.

Rats are known to gnaw unremittingly on plastic and wood materials. Therefore, such damaged items and large gaps in walls and floorboards are a clear indication of infestation. Also, rat teeth-marks are rather big and rough in terms of appearance.

The best thing you can do to prevent infestation is rodent proof your home.

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