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Last winter, many businesses from all over the country were tasked with cleaning up mold from their premises after huge storms impacted their areas.

Many attic cleaning companies were contacted after such floods brought forth two significant damages to attics all over the US: frost and mold.

With winter’s recent cold streak, it’s no surprise that a rash of frost-covered attics have become commonplace. Extremely cold weather conditions enable frost to easily accumulate in your attic space. As a result, you should always prepare for such a situation. In most cases, frost will first build up in your attic when moisture-laden from the house makes its way into this space. When this happens, air condenses on the roof sheathing, leading to the formation of frost. You should keep in mind that the attic’s actual frost is not what causes damage, but rather, the melting of icicles that are the greatest causes of harm. Melting frost deteriorates roof sheathing, and leads to mold, stains on the ceiling and wet insulation. These can all be quite detrimental to your attic.

After a heavy rainstorm you should carefully inspect your attic, searching for any black material growing on the sheathing in your attic. In more cases than not, you will find that such material is indeed mold. However, there is little cause for worry since this is a rather straightforward issue should you hire the right attic cleaning company. These attic repair companies possess the necessary expertise and equipment to help you sort out your attic’s condition, halting any further frost or mold buildup, while saving you thousands in future repairs.

Proper attic maintenance, attic cleaning, and attic insulation are all very important to ensure that your home runs efficiently.

Element Home Solutions is a highly reputable company that addresses these areas.

Element Home Solutions excels in delivering attic and crawl space cleaning, insulation, rodent proofing, and rodent removal services within the San Francisco Bay Area.

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