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Most homeowners would tend to agree that attic cleaning is one of their least favorite activities. However, despite its discomfort, it is essential that the task be performed correctly. This is largely because dander, dust, and mold can all accumulate if you happen to neglect your attic. When this happens, household occupants usually experience flared up allergies and other irritations. By cleaning out your attic, such scenarios can be avoided so that your space will be lived in most pleasantly.

Another important aspect to remember is that most home-health experts, including those from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, understand that people don’t often pay attention to their attic despite the fact that this tends to be a problematic area. As a homeowner, you should keep this in mind, acting accordingly to guard against attic irritants and allergens that constantly seep into your space through doors, ceiling hatches, recessed lights, and HVAC systems, particularly those situated in your attic.

Best Ways to Clean Attic Mold

  • By using an electrostatic duster or cloth to dust your rafters, walls, and window frames will allow you to grab twice as much dust as regular cotton clothes. Also, don’t forget to dust other important areas such as light bulbs, exposed roof trusses, door frames, hatches, or attic fan blades.
  • Another quality tip for cleaning attic mold involves vacuuming using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum cleaners. These cleaners channel all the vacuumed air via a filter designed to remove even the tiniest of particles. Installing a high-quality and optimal efficiency filter in your bag will be the most cost effective.
  • You can also use shop vacuums, lining them with a plastic bag to trap irritants. This makes for easy debris disposal.
  • While cleaning out attic mold, it is also important that you wear an official NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) mask, to filter out a significant percentage of the airborne particles.

Even considering all the aforementioned tips, the best course of action, particularly if you suffer from various allergies or asthma (in the U.S. almost 60 million people do) would be to hire a professional mold removal firm to handle the task.

If Your Attic has Hazardous Fungus, Contact a Professional Attic Cleaning Company

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