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Here’s How to Safely Handle Fiberglass Insulation  

Fiberglass insulation is relatively inexpensive, and it provides an effective way to seal in the thermal energy of your home. Many homes in the United States have this kind of insulation, so knowing how to handle it properly is vital for anyone who might come into contact with it. While this handy material is an efficient option for the home, it can be harmful if handled incorrectly, whether you are involved in Bay Area attic cleaning or adding insulation. To avoid irritation to the skin, the eyes, and the upper respiratory system, follow the tips below for handling fiberglass insulation safely.

Understand the Cause of Irritation

First, it may be helpful to know why and how this material can be an irritant – particularly when engaged in attic insulation removal or installment. It actually contains many glass particles that give the item its name. Most varieties of this kind of insulation are created by infusing tiny grains of glass or sand into the fibers. When working with the insulation, it is important to wear protective gear because the minute fibers and the glass dust can otherwise pose a health hazard.

Protective Gear

The kind of gear and clothing you wear when handling this material should protect you from exposure to the dust and fibers. This gear is known by the general industrial term of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). First, wear long sleeves and long pants to protect your arms and legs from exposure. These clothing items should be loose-fitting, but they should not be so loose that they might get caught in a power tool or other equipment. Also, be sure to wear socks, durable shoes, gloves, and a hat. Safety goggles and a dust mask are other essential items to wear when working around fiberglass materials.

Handling Fiberglass Insulation

You can further minimize your exposure to fiberglass dust by handling the product correctly. Until you are ready to install the insulation, keep it safely in its package. When you are cutting and shaping the material, use hand tools whenever you can. If you choose to use a power tool, you should first ensure that the tool is equipped with a dust collection device; this will help to prevent the dust from being dispersed throughout the air. Work only in an area that is well-ventilated. Do not rub your skin, mouth, eyes, or nose when you are handling fiberglass material. If you don’t feel confident handling insulation, then it is best to contact Bay Area insulation removal companies for a quote. They can handle everything for you. 

Do You Want Help with Your Bay Area Insulation Removal?

Fiberglass insulation can yield many years of energy conservation for your home. It is generally best to leave the task of removing and installing this product to industry professionals. Element Home Solutions is a highly reputable Oakland attic insulation company, and our technicians are always happy to assist with your home insulation and attic cleaning requirements. Feel free to contact us today for more information.