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Attics can get serious animal infestations. These animals leave behind plenty of waste and strong, unpleasant odors even if they move on quickly. They also often inflict damage to the insulation and wood structures. This damage has to be remedied through attic restoration services, which are offered by wildlife removal businesses. In the Bay Area, you should call attic restoration companies within the region, preferably one that can offer all the required services so that you don’t have to work with several companies.

The Price of Attic Restoration Services

Pricing for such jobs usually depends on the attic area that needs restoration, and on how much animal waste needs to be eliminated. The cost may also be based on square footage, and the work could be charged on a daily basis. The damage can be quite extensive, so some restorations can cost quite a bit of money. The most common culprits of attic damage are raccoons and bats. Bats leave behind lots of waste, while raccoons can inflict plenty of physical damage to the insulation and everything stored in the attic.

How to Restore an Attic to a Usable Condition

The process of restoring the attic is fairly demanding. To begin with, the attic cleaning company has to clear the attic of all the wildlife, their waste and the damaged insulation. From there, sanitizing the attic is necessary to get rid of pathogens and bad odors. The final restorative procedure is laying down new insulation. To cut costs during the installation of new insulation, blown-in insulation can be used. This is also economical because it provides better area coverage that lowers heating and cooling costs.

Why Attic Restoration is So Important

Attic damage by wildlife is to be taken seriously. May diseases can come from being in such close proximity to animals, and to the places in which they have been dwelling. This is especially so when the infestation has gone on for a long period of time. The fecal matter from the raccoons, mice, bats, birds and other wildlife can harbor bacteria. The accumulating waste also tends to attract more wildlife to the attic, exacerbating the problem. Just one to three weeks of infestation can cause sufficient damage to make hiring an attic cleaning and restoration service necessary.

If you elect to run a DIY attic inspection, we advise you to wear a respirator to avoid breathing in harmful substances.

Insurance and Attic Restoration

With some homeowners, the insurance policy can cover the attic restoration procedures. This depends on the nature of the policy and the company that issued it. Some companies will only cover certain types of attic damage. For instance, a policy may not pay for any damage resulting from urine or feces. Check with your homeowners insurance representative to find out what your policy covers.

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