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Are You Aware of The Different Types of Insulation?

You may not notice the insulation in your home, but you’ll certainly see the evidence of it. When your home is properly insulated, it provides climate control and reduces your utility bills. Improper insulation can raise your utility costs because your home doesn’t have a steady temperature. To choose the right insulation for your needs, understand the types of insulation and R-value.

Types of Insulation

Most people are familiar with pink fiberglass insulation, which is the most common type. Be careful when working with fiberglass, because it has tiny fibers that will irritate your skin and eyes. Your Concord attic cleaning professionals can remove fiberglass insulation safely.

There are other types of insulation that may be easier to install and are less bulky.

  • Natural fibers, such as mineral wool or cotton
  • Theses types of insulation come in roll or batt form. They’re easy to handle and don’t itch.
  • Foam boards, such as polystyrene and polyurethane
  • Also called structural insulated panels (SIPs), this type of insulation is thinner than most. However, you must cover the boards with a fire-resistant coating for safety.
  • Spray foams

This type of insulation is very popular in new homes because it can easily fill hard-to-reach places. Small jobs, such as insulating the space around a window, can be performed by DIY homeowners, but big jobs require a professional.

Your Concord attic cleaning service can help identify the type of insulation your home has in its attic and the condition of the insulation.

What Is the R-Value and Why Is It Important?

The R-Value is the measure that identifies how insulation resists heat traveling through it. Energy Star provides information on what R-Value is appropriate for your geographical location. Basically, the colder it is where you live, the higher R-Value you need. Some rooms in your home, such as the garage, may not require a higher R-Value, than places where you reside and want to be comfortable.

Choosing the right insulation based on R-Value ensures that you’re getting the most cost-effective method to keep your home temperature-controlled. When considering R-Value, you need to think about all the materials that insulate your home, not only the insulation. Your exterior siding may provide some insulation, which could reduce your need for interior insulation.

Do You Think Your Home May Need More Insulation?

If your home isn’t maintaining a steady temperature, you may need to check your insulation. You can check the insulation in your attic for discoloration and deterioration. As insulation ages, it breaks down and becomes ineffective. It’s best to work with a professional Bay Area attic insulation removal company when you are ready replace your old attic insulation. Contact Element Home Solutions if you are looking for attic cleaning or insulation services. We are happy to help you choose what’s best for your home.