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Attic Cleaners are an Important Step

Don’t declare the war won if you were able to successfully trap or remove one or more unwanted animals from your attic. Attic cleaners are another important step in the process.

While this is certainly an accomplishment, especially if said critters didn’t especially want to be relocated, it should be thought of only as the first stage in a serious effort to keep other animals out and also get rid of any contamination they more than likely left behind.

Why Hire Professionals?

Professional attic cleaners advise to make sure to remove the reasons that wildlife found your attic in the first place.

For instance, mice, rats or other animals may find a way inside if they sense a warm place with easy-to-access food and few threats. So blocking any points of entry, no matter how small, can help keep them out. Some smaller animals are able to get through holes the size of a dime, or enlarge small holes by chewing or digging in with their paws.

Then, look for unsecured food sources that could attract them, even if you don’t necessarily think of it as food (books, birdseed, paper, etc.)

Along with keeping future pests out effectively, it’s also important to find out what damage previous occupants may have caused.

What to Watch Out For:

Although you may be able to notice or clean bigger messes like hair, nesting material or droppings, an Oakland attic restoration company will be able to look closer to see serious problems such as wires that have been chewed on, weakened beams from groups of animals living on them, or partially eaten insulation, wood or even softer concrete.

Although individual mice or bats are small, enough of them over a long period of time can prove difficult to remove as well as affecting the structural integrity of your home.

Mice especially are notorious for chewing on wires. This doesn’t just disable your Internet or some appliances but potentially could cause short circuits and even fires.

An Oakland attic restoration can also thoroughly clean and sanitize anywhere wildlife has been. This will eliminate the presence of diseases that mice, rats, bats and other animals may carry. Urine, feces, even saliva from infected rodents could cause serious, even fatal diseases such as hantavirus if it affects a human.

Attic cleaners familiar with where animals like to hide, especially hard-to-reach areas. They also have the proper tools to thoroughly clean these areas, since even one missed area could still potentially cause infection.  

Looking for an Oakland Attic Restoration Company?

For more advice on removing wildlife and the damage they cause, along with preventing future occupants, please contact Element Home Solutions.