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What Kind Of Insulation Does Your Home Need?

Trying to figure out the best insulation for your attic? You’re not alone! This is one of the larger challenges facing homeowners seeking ways to improve their home and lower their energy costs. Read more info from our trusted Concord attic cleaning company to help you decipher what to do about your home insulation.

Consider Your Needs

Most are conscious of costs, but they also want something sturdy. Some want to do the job themselves, which seems like it could be more affordable, but in the wrong hands, could be messy, expensive, and even dangerous if you don’t know certain safety protocols.

Consider Your Experience

That’s why it’s smarter to start by learning what a professional can offer – not only do they have experience with materials, but can give you their professional perspective on which can work best for your budget and your space.

Look Into Your Options

Part of this education also involves learning about the different types of materials available, along with other services that can be provided by a Concord attic cleaning service. Currently, the main types are spray foam and fiberglass.

Fiberglass Insulation

While most of us are generally familiar with fiberglass, since it’s been around longer and is easier to work with, spray foam is growing in popularity. But each has their pros and cons, and how’s here’s how they break down.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam does a good job of filling the spaces in your attic or crawl space, and can be done faster. It also is said to block more of the smaller holes that fiberglass may leave, and less easy for rodents to gain access. It also lowers the R-value of your home and makes it more energy-efficient.

Research Before You Dive In

But it does require special equipment and more safety gear to install. Beyond this, however, there are several areas that are more concerning, including the possibility of dangerous fumes spreading to the rest of the house from the chemicals in the foam. These can linger in the home for years and can make things difficult for people with health conditions or sensitive to smells. Although the material does seem to cover every surface when it’s first installed, it can have a tendency to pull away from framing, reducing any draft-blocking properties it promises.

Consider All The Risks

Another significant consideration is potential flammability. The combination of several chemicals means increased possibility of fires especially as more and more spray is added. Worse, if it does combust, it can produce more toxins.

So that leaves fiberglass, which a Concord attic cleaning service can tell you might be a better choice. It’s usually more affordable, easier to install and lacks many of the chemicals in spray foam. Though there are complaints about fibers floating in the air and affecting health, often, insulation stays in areas where people usually stay out of.

Contact Your Local Bay Area Attic Cleaners To Help Handle Your Home Insulation

Although some say spray foam keeps outs rodents better than fiberglass, this isn’t entirely true, as determined rats and other pests are known to chew through both types. This is why the services of a Bay Area crawl space cleaning service are more valuable than a source of info about insulation.  Contact us for more information about smart home strategies.  Click HERE to contact us for a free quote.