Radiant Barrier Attic Installation Element Home Solutions

These days, many Bay Area homeowners are concerned about saving on energy costs, improving home comfort and creating a sustainable environment. It turns out, there’s a single answer that can solve this multi-pronged problem: Attic radiant barriers.

What is an Attic Radiant Barrier? How is it Installed?

A radiant barrier should be part of your home’s insulation here in the Bay Area. Its function is to reduce heat gain by deflecting heat away from your Bay Area house. This reflective barrier material is installed and secured in place around ceiling joists, roof beams, and wall studs in your attic. Insulating your attic is crucial, because much of your home’s heat gain (and heat loss) occurs through that space.

Benefits of Radiant Barrier Insulation

Installing an attic radiant barrier brings advantages year-round for local families, including:

  • Saves energy in summer: Radiant barrier installation makes it easier to keep your house cool in summer, by keeping the heat from the sun from penetrating the home’s roof. Poorly insulated attics heat up easily–and transfer that heat to living areas below. If your attic lacks a radiant barrier, you’ll need more air conditioning to stay comfortable, increasing energy bills. Radiant barriers can reduce attic temperatures by up to 30 degrees.
  • Saves energy in winter: In cold weather, correctly installed radiant barrier insulation keeps your home’s heat from escaping through the attic, as heat naturally rises. With no radiant barrier, heated air from your home can pass through the ceiling into the attic, then out through the roof, and go to waste. Radiant barriers prevent this, making your home more eco-friendly.
  • Helps protect stored possessions: If you use your Oakland attic for storage, the regulating effects of radiant barrier attic insulation help keep items in better condition.
  • Requires little maintenance: Radiant barrier insulation stays in position and works without upkeep.
  • Provides long-term heat gain protection: Radiant barrier insulation is a cost-effective home energy efficiency solution and typically lasts for years.
  • Improves home comfort all year round: Your HVAC system will operate less often to heat and cool your San Jose home, and you’ll enjoy stable, consistent indoor temperature control.
  • Extends the life of your HVAC equipment: Your heating and cooling system will last longer. It won’t be working so hard with the properly installed radiant barrier retaining the heat in winter and blocking it out in summer. Since indoor temps stay consistent, the HVAC cycles on and off less often.

Where Can You Get Expert Radiant Barrier Insulation in the Bay Area, Oakland and San Jose?

Adding a radiant heat barrier to complement your attic insulation is very effective in Bay Area climate conditions. At full-service Element Home Solutions, we are experienced radiant barrier installers, offering related HVAC and insulation services for your convenience. Our friendly, expert team of professional attic renovators is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Schedule your attic insulation, with radiant barrier installation, today. Contact Element Home Solutions online or call 888-980-4822 now.