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Crawl Space Cleaning Services – Why It’s Important

Have you ever thought about what’s in your home’s dark and dreary crawl spaces? Have you ever considered crawling in there to clean them? While some brave Bay Area homeowners do venture into these cobweb-filled spaces, the semi-hidden areas typically need to be cleaned by skilled contractors. The idea of cleaning these out-of-sight areas may never occur to you. But crawl spaces need maintenance, too.

Crawl Spaces Provide Access for Workers – And other organisms

Crawl spaces are there to allow access to inspect and repair the inner workings of your home, including plumbing pipes, electrical wiring, HVAC equipment and duct systems. Over time, unwelcome things also creep in, including dust, debris and moisture. Neglected crawl spaces can potentially ruin the crucial infrastructure of your house, causing rust, rot, warping, mold–and even rodent infestations.

All this crawl space contamination damages pipes, wires and ducts. Moisture and mold from unseen water leaks, Bay Area weather fluctuations, or condensation also damage wood floors or sub-floors. More critically, these invasions could damage your home’s foundation and structural beams or joists. At Element Home Solutions, we offer crawl space cleaning services to help restore, insulate and protect your crawlspaces from future damage.

Protect Your Home with Crawl Space Cleaning

To protect your home’s vital inner spaces, consider crawl space cleaning, vapor-sealing and insulating these areas as needed.

Crawl space cleaning provides many advantages, helping to:

  • Seal out moisture – Moist air and environmental changes can make your crawl spaces humid–but not after installing vapor barriers in crawl spaces.
  • Preserve your home’s structure – Humid conditions or pipe leakage can turn crawl spaces into breeding grounds for mold spores and rotted wood.
  • Improve insulation – A properly cleaned and insulated crawl space provides better protection from outside air temperatures. Afterwards, your HVAC system will not have to work so hard to maintain consistent temperatures in your Bay Area home’s living areas.
  • Boost energy efficiency and lower monthly bills – Less strain on the heating and cooling system means you save energy and money long term. For further improvement, we also clean and insulate attics.
  • Keep indoor air cleaner – Contaminated air from crawl spaces can compromise indoor air quality. Airborne mold and debris creates an unhealthy, uncomfortable environment for your family. Once your crawlspaces are cleaned, you breathe cleaner air at home.
  • Eliminate side effects of contaminated crawl spaces – Lingering unpleasant smells, like musty odors from mold or rotting wood, along with insect or pest infestations, can come from neglected crawl spaces. You may also suffer allergy symptoms. (We offer rodent proofing, too.)
  • Prevent termite damage – Damp wood is especially attractive to termites, which can do significant damage and may go undiscovered, if no one inspects the crawl spaces.
  • And more.

Crawl Space Cleaning Service in the Bay Area

If your attic and crawl spaces haven’t been inspected lately, now is the ideal time. There’s no need to search out “crawl space cleaning near me.” Simply contact the Bay Area experts at Element Home Solutions today or call (888) 980-4822.